What We Do

Sawa World uses an innovative approach to self-empower 1.2 billion people out of extreme poverty with their own solutions. We provide large-scale access to local solutions that are created by the very people living in extreme poverty. 

These local successful solutions (Sawa World Solutions) are documented by vulnerable youth in five unique ways including short “how to” videos, learning posters and interactive workshops. These educational tools are then disseminated to thousands of youth living in extreme poverty allowing them to replicate the solutions and instantly elevating themselves out of extreme poverty by either starting small enterprises (raising incomes by $2 to $4 per day) or improving their livelihoods at the household level. The solution programs are currently spearheaded from the Sawa World Solution Centre in Kampala, Uganda. Learn about our impacts.

Sawa World focuses on the world’s poorest countries and ensures these solutions are shared and succeed as locally created, permanent strategies that strive without any dependency on charity or international aid.

This unique strategy, repeated many times over, will result, sooner than we ever imagined, in a world free of extreme poverty. A Sawa World!

Sawa World Solution Centre

The Sawa World Solution Centre provides a one-stop space that offers practical skills training, innovative experimentation and educational tools for local simple solutions for self-employment and improved standard of living for disenfranchised youth living in extreme poverty. We currently offer trainings in over 40 local solutions and also a range of other educational services at the Solution Centre.

The Solution Centre is quickly becoming a leading learning environment in providing access to local solutions that work towards ending extreme poverty. For example, in April 2015, the Centre encouraged 4,466 youth living in extreme poverty to start and own 1,064 small enterprises. 41% of youth that learn a solution, replicate it within one month of learning it from Sawa World.

The Centre aims to impact at least 150,000 poverty-stricken youth annually by 2017. By 2025, the goal is to have Solution Centers established in 42 of the world's poorest countries.