School-based education on cholera prevention and...

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  • 90 training sessions on the prevention of cholera, hygiene, and environmental protection
  • 6500 school children educated in 30 schools in Jacmel
  • 18 cases in total of soap and chlorination supplies to fight cholera

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Marie Lucie plans to provide training and supplies for the prevention of cholera, the importance hygiene, and environmental protection to children in schools in Jacmel. This project comes in a time of emergency in Haiti where an outbreak of cholera has already caused the deaths of thousands. Children are extremely vulnerably to contracting cholera, however, the infection is wholly preventable with the right kind of education and supplies. Poor hygiene is also a major problem in Haiti which can cause serious illnesses and infections amongst children. Lessons on environmental protection are enormously important to not only combat the spread of cholera and other sicknesses, but also to prevent further environmental degradation for the future generations of Haiti.

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