Sawa World's New Campaign and Contest

Do you know anyone who is a leader in your community? How have their efforts helped inspire change? Sawa World is launching a special campaign on Facebook, so don't get left behind!

On November 1st you can enter our "Who is your Sawa Leader?" contest. You could win a special Sawa World Prize Pack! The prize pack includes a vibrant Sawa World t-shirt and a pair of uniquely designed, Sawa World African earrings custom made by a Sawa Leader in Kenya.

How can you enter? It's just three easy steps! (Two if you are already part of our Sawa World online community!)

1. Join us on Facebook

2. Watch our “Who is your Sawa Leader?" video on our Facebook page.  A Sawa Youth Reporter will explain the contest and ask you a question

3. Share your answers on our Facebook wallBe sure to start with the phrase "My Sawa Leader is..." That way if you post on our wall or comment on the video we know you want to be entered into the contest!

It's that easy! We have made it even easier by putting the video below!

Don't forget to be creative! Tell us about your Sawa Leader by posting comments, photos or short videos. The deadline to submit is midnight on November 30th.

If you have any questions post them on our Facebook wall.  Someone else might have the same question and we will be happy to answer.

Good Luck!