Sawa World Integrates Approach with Ugandan University

Sawa World Integrates Approach with Ugandan University

During the past month, the Sawa Team in Uganda has been busy working with academic partner, St. Lawrence University’s, Department of Mass Communication to increase the scope of the organization’s model for fighting extreme poverty and build an integrated partnership. With the support of Program Coordinator, Irene Nduta, Sawa Youth Reporters facilitated workshops with first and second year journalism students and took 100 students to visit a potential Sawa Leader.

Much like the session with Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, the students in Uganda were excited to learn about Sawa’s work. They asked a lot of questions and offered their ideas for future projects. Their suggestions included connecting with more community media partners, filming in local languages and starting a Sawa World club. The club would have a joint community outreach program, allowing journalism students to gain more exposure to community innovation and self-empowerment to solve extreme poverty at a grassroots level. So far, the Uganda Team has spoken to at least 60 students about what Sawa World does, resulting in many students wanting to join Sawa, as Sawa Youth Reporters and interns.

Sawa World’s work with St. Lawrence University marks the beginning of a powerful partnership. In fact, the Dean of the Department of Mass Communication has requested that Sawa World be turned into an official program. Integrating Sawa World’s approach for fighting extreme poverty into the “system” and influencing millions of future students in reducing poverty through media is groundbreaking; it means positive systemic change from the ground up!

Stay tuned to find out more about Sawa’s World’s work with St. Lawrence University!

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