Sawa World Changed My Life

Sawa World Changed My Life

Sawa Youth Reporters, Titus Mukibi and Stephen Sempala have improved more than their technical skills over the last nine months. In a video reflection, Titus and Steven describe how their roles as Sawa Youth Reporters have helped shape them into confident young men.

“I have gained so many skills from Sawa World,” Stephen says, “I can edit a video, I know how to shoot, I know which shots are required. I have gained much confidence expressing myself in the community. People are now starting to hire us on their wedding days to document their day.”

Sawa Youth Reporters work hard to learn how to shoot and edit videos about local solutions to poverty and share their creations with the local community. The monthly allowance given to each youth reporter by Sawa World could easily be used exclusively to support immediate family. However, the two 19 year olds have reached beyond their own worlds to help their local communities. With his stipend, Stephen started saving and is now looking to start an agricultural farm. Titus has already flexed his entrepreneurial muscle and started a brick-laying project where he employs ten youths.

Inspired by working with Sawa Leaders, Stephen hopes his videos will inspire others to seek solutions to extreme poverty in his community. “I also learned many valuable lessons from my Sawa Leaders,” says Sempala. Sawa Leaders have shown Stephen that, “no matter how poor you are, you can become a success.”

Titus is now looking to go back to school to study mass communications. His dream is to become a video expert who, like the Sawa Leader he works with, is an example of success in the community. “I have gained a lot of confidence from Sawa World and Sawa Leaders. My mother sees me as someone who is growing up to be an example.”

The Sawa Youth Reporter program aims to impact the lives of many more vulnerable youth and create a new generation of leaders to solve poverty.

See the full videos of Stephen and Titus below.

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Francesca Fionda
Communications Team