Sawa World Brainstorms New Ideas With Canadian University...

Sawa World Brainstorms New Ideas With Canadian University

On February 9, Sawa Team members presented the organization’s unique model for fighting extreme poverty at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University. While there, they engaged with Leadership and Sustainable Community Development learners in a brainstorm about how to improve Sawa’s model. The program, which develops core leadership and management competencies for guiding social change, was the perfect fit! The collaboration provided both parties with a fantastic learning opportunity and aligned with Sawa’s move to increase academic partnerships.

During the session, participants engaged in a dynamic discussion about how to increase the number of prospective Sawa Leaders; the most effective methods for sharing the Leaders’ solutions; how to best measure and track Sawa World’s impact on impoverished communities; and how to turn Sawa World into a social business- independent of foreign aid.

For increasing the number of Sawa Leaders, solutions ranged from having Leaders conduct motivational talks at schools to Sawa Leader TED talks. Whereas, learners suggested roaming theatres/ traveling cinemas or an SMS network where people could text a number and receive an idea, as effective ways for sharing Leaders’ solutions. Constant polling and follow-up as well as measuring the increase in enterprise were suggested to assess Leader impact. And to encourage social business, learners suggested selling products made in impoverished communities and offering services to corporations.

In Uganda, the Sawa Team has been engaging with a University as well. Stay tuned next week to find out about our collaboration with the Department of Mass Communication in Uganda’s St. Lawrence University.

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