Sawa Leader Provides Health Insurance for Rwandans...

Sawa Leader Provides Health Insurance for Rwandans Suffering from HIV/AIDS

With the support of partnerships made through Sawa World, Rwandan organization, ASOLATE purchased health care for 180 people suffering from or affected by HIV/AIDS. The recipients, which include those who have been widowed or orphaned by the disease, will now have 90% of their medical costs covered, making this a life changing and in many cases a life saving initiative.

ASOLATE was founded by Sawa Leader and former child soldier Seleman Nizeyimana and trains vulnerable youth in marketable skills such as sewing, soldering and electronics. In 2009, Sawa World sponsored Nizeyimana to come to Canada. Here they connected him with home-stay hosts Jim Mathias and Brenda Pulvermacher, who with the help of friends, Dennis and Susan Perry, raised money to fund the health insurance. These critical connections, among others, have helped Nizeyimana grow his organization to assist even more poverty stricken individuals.

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