Sawa Has a New Name and Look

Sawa Has a New Name and Look

Sawa Global has been renamed Sawa World. Along with its new name, the organization has an exciting new look and feel. Over the last three years, Sawa has grown, evolved and experienced great success in its fight against extreme poverty.

The new website, logo, tag line, mission strategy and improved messaging reflects its groundbreaking work.

  • Sawa means equal in Swahili, so a Sawa World is an equal world: a world without extreme poverty. Sawa World is committed to ending extreme poverty now.
  • This new tag line emphasizes that positive change is already happening and individuals who live in extreme poverty are making it happen.
  • Sawa’s new logo reflects its mission statement: Supporting local solutions to lead one billion people out of extreme poverty. Where the Sawa “spark” symbolizes the solutions found by local people living in impoverished communities, the colour brown represents the earth and orange represents a brighter, poverty free future. Sawa’s vision is, A world free of extreme poverty led by those living in it: A Sawa World.

Armed with its bold new look, Sawa is ready to take on the world!

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