Sawa Has New Method to Document Leaders

Sawa Has New Method to Document Leaders

In collaboration with the local Media Partner and Sawa World Youth Reporters, Sawa World is taking a fresh, new approach to document Sawa Leaders’ work on video.

Sawa World’s local media partners, such as the Uganda Film and Television Institute (UFTI) are now creating two videos for each Sawa Leader. While one tells the Leader’s inspirational story, the other shares three key tools that the Leader used to alleviate extreme poverty in their community with their projects. The Sawa Youth Reporters act as interns to create these videos. After the initial videos are complete, the youth share their work directly with local media and surrounding communities and inspire others to replicate similar solutions. The Youth Reporters will also continue to get paid to follow up with monthly videos updates on the Leaders’ work.

Most recently, six new videos on three new Sawa Leaders where produced by Sawa World’s Film Specialist in partnership with UFTI. Ugandan Sawa Leader, Anny N. Bwengye was one of the individuals who was featured.

In the first video Anny, who is the Founder of Ugandan organization, In Need Home, discusses what motivated her to carry out her work in Uganda’s most desolate slums.

Sawa Leader Story Video (Anny Bwengye)

In the next video, Anny talks about the importance of having patience, using smart resource management and applying income sustainability in the fight against poverty. Youth Reporters share her three useful tips with neighboring communities and have also produced two monthly videos covering her achievements and learning’s.

Sawa Leader Tips Video (Anny Bwengye)

Stay tuned to see all six Sawa Leader videos and monthly video updates of the Sawa Youth.

Anny's In Need Home

I just watched Anny's videos - wow! Her story is so inspiring and beautifully told. She is doing amazing work with the children to lift their lives out of extreme poverty. Thanks for sharing this story with me and the world.

Susan Wright
Vancouver, Canada