Sawa in Haiti: Part 2

Sawa World traveled to Haiti in May 2011 to conduct groundbreaking work to solve extreme poverty. We re-visted Sawa Leaders who are extraordinary Haitians who have established unique local approaches for solving extreme poverty in their earthquake and now cholera ravaged communities. While in Haiti, Sawa did something that has never been done before. Through this project, people from around the world made donations, 100% of which will go directly to local community leaders. Short videos were made by Haitian youth and broadcast to donors to show the direct impacts that your funds have made.

Supporting Partners


Video Message for Western Union

With the support of Western Union, donations to the Sawa Leaders in Haiti were transferred free of charge. For example, Sawa Leader, Marie Lucie Mentor, received $1000 microgrant from donors and received the funds at a remote town in Haiti. With the funds she will educate 6500 children in 30 schools in 5 weeks with cholera prevention. She will also provide them with basic prevention materials such as soap. She personally thanked Western Union when she picked up the funds at a local branch. The video was made by marginilized and unemployed youth in Haiti.

Sawa Leaders in Haiti

Eder Romeus

Eder Romeus lost the function of his legs to polio at the age of three and lives in a shack with no running water or electricity. Despite his struggles, Eder has realized his dream of helping others with disabilities by creating Action Together to Support the Handicapped (ACCENH).

Joseph Philippe

Over the past 23 years Joseph Philippe has worked tirelessly to empower Haiti’s rural poor. Through his organization, Fonkoze and the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF), he has helped over 200,000 rural Haitians and planted more than half a million trees.

Marie Lucie Mentor

After Marie Lucie Mentor witnessed doctors systematically neglect her HIV afflicted uncle due to the stigma associated with the disease, she founded Kombit Aysien Pou Lavi Miyo (Haitian Committee for a Better Life or KALMI).