Sawa Engages University Students To Find Fresh Solutions...

Sawa Engages University Students To Find Fresh Solutions

Students participating in Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Leadership in Sustainable Community Development seminar worked with Sawa World to find solutions to one of the organization’s most pressing innovation questions: How can Sawa support the effective replication of the Sawa Leaders’ solutions to extreme poverty after Youth Journalists showcase them in surrounding communities via video screenings and discussions.

After a presentation by Sawa Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, 20 students participated in a rigorous brainstorm which yielded the following solutions: First, emergent leaders in surrounding areas who want to replicate the Leader’s solutions should take part in short internships with the Leaders. Second, community knowledge-sharing sessions should take place in local schools situated within extreme poverty ravaged communities. In this way, schools will become centres for further training and attending youth can pass on learnings to their parents. Third, Sawa should train its Youth Journalists to visit the communities in which they presented on an ongoing basis to monitor replication efforts and identify needed support.

The students, who were inspired by Sawa’s approach to fighting extreme poverty, wished to engage more with the organization. As a result, Sawa is in the process of building long-term partnerships with targeted universities in Canada and the US to help integrate Sawa Leader’s effective and innovative approaches and solutions. Sawa is currently in talks with the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development and the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience at the University of Waterloo and the Centre for Strategic Change and Performance at SFU’s Segal Graduate School.