President of Portugal Buys Art Piece of Sawa Leader from...

President of Portugal Buys Art Piece of Sawa Leader from Cape Verde

Sawa Leader, Misa, has worked tirelessly to empower 350 disenfranchised individuals from Cape Verde’s Rebelado community by starting local art businesses, creating youth programs and implementing basic infrastructure such as clean water and sanitation. (Watch Misa's video)

Over 13 years, Misa has taught Rebelado women how to paint and create home decorations out of recycled materials. In fact, past endeavors have been so successful that the University of Cape Verde, which supports the preservation of the heritage of the Rebelados, bought a painting for the President of Portugal during his visit in early July.

Misa’s current projects, among many include: preparing land for planting; building a water tank for improved water access and storage; and constructing traditional homes. Furthermore, Misa plans to help the Rebelados create postcards and t-shirts with their art so that they can sell them, and buy a few musical instruments.

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