SAWA BLOG 38: Ashoka Foundation Recognizes Importance of...

SAWA BLOG 38: Ashoka Foundation Recognizes Importance of SAWA Model

SAWA continues to grow in impact and credibility as global associations such as the Ashoka Foundation take notice. This global association invests in social entrepreneurs who have truly innovative ideas on how to solve the world’s most urgent social problems. The Ashoka Foundation has extremely high standards on which ideas they give their support to. In their words, “Ashoka is only interested in ideas that it believes will change [society] significantly and that will trigger nationwide impact.”

We are honoured to share with you that SAWA founder Daphne Nederhorst has just passed the 4th of 5 phases of an intensive interview process to become an Ashoka Fellow, making her acceptance into the association 90% finalized. Ashoka Fellows are provided with living stipends (allowing them to focus full-time on building their institutions and spreading their ideas), professional support, and access to a global network of peers and partnering organizations in more than 60 countries!
There is a rigorous process involved in being accepted as an Ashoka Fellow. Applicants are judged on their commitment to their project, creativity in solving problems, and their ethical fibre. Perhaps, most importantly, however, The Ashoka Foundation looks at the “social impact” of the applicant’s idea. They evaluate the idea historically and against its contemporaries in the field to determine its innovativeness and potential for producing real and wide-spread change.

Congratulations to Daphne and the team at SAWA! Ashoka’s interest and support for SAWA means that this important and prestigious association of leading social entrepreneurs has recognized the uniqueness and importance of SAWA’s model in affecting real wide-spread social change.

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