SAWA Blog # 35: Synergy

SAWA Blog # 35: Synergy

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.” -Margaret Mead

When people work together amazing things can happen. Hopeless situations can turn into reasons for hope. We learn this everyday from SAWA Heroes all over the world who, despite overwhelming challenges, have taken responsibility for improving the lives of people in their communities. Taking responsibility for the well-being of your community in whatever way you can is accepting that you belong to something bigger than yourself. This is the first step to improving the world and the most important lesson we can learn from our SAWA Heroes.

Accepting responsibility can be very challenging for answers and solutions and ways to be responsible do not come easily. Sometimes it means bravely staring a problem in the face in order to find solutions. But when you find the courage to do just that, you will find others doing the same. You’ll find people who are and have been making small differences, and people who are and have been making big differences, all around the world.

We all belong to and are responsible for a global community as well as a local one. It is important not to be overwhelmed by this responsibility and to recognize that you cant do everything. But also recognize what you can do. “Everywhere life is full of heroism,” and if you ever need to be reminded just read about any of our amazing SAWA Heroes. Through their actions and tangible successes we can learn of practical ways to make a difference and to foster this cycle of hope and positive change!

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