BLOG #31: SAWA Gives Opportunity to Make a Difference with...

BLOG #31: SAWA Gives Opportunity to Make a Difference with Mentorship Program

BLOG #31: SAWA Gives Opportunity to Make a Difference with Mentorship Program

SAWA helps you be inspired by the world with the stories that give testament to the strength of the human spirit, the stories of heroism rising in the face of great challenges, the stories of our SAWA Heroes. But SAWA is not just about showcasing these stories of hope and inspiration. SAWA also provides an opportunity for you to channel that inspiration into making a difference.

SAWA’s mentorship program directly connects you to SAWA Heroes and gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and skills with them in order to help increase the impact of their projects. Each SAWA Hero identifies specific ways you can help in the “Call to Action” section of their profile. It could be something like helping to develop a business plan or fundraising strategy, or finding a company that could donate used computers. The mentorship program is about fostering partnerships and sharing ideas and solutions rather than providing donations. Here are some examples of how the SAWA Mentorship Program Works.

(1)In September 2008, Between 4 Eyes (USA) sponsored Selemen from ASOLATE (Rwanda) to attend a two day leadership workshop in Kigali, which allowed him to gain new skills and grow his network. He writes – it changed his life.

(2) Jim Hubert – a professional biologist from Vancouver with 20 years of experience in land ecology is helping Morgan further protect the fragile ecosystem of the Solomon Islands by sharing his expertise in ecosystem impact assessment and connecting Morgan to a global network of experts in ecosystem protection

(3) Daphne Nederhorst, SAWA’s founder, recently became a Mentor for Robert – a doctor in Uganda. She is in connecting him with a medical group at UBC that works in Uganda on HIV/ AIDS treatment and prevention so they may share knowledge on best practices in dealing with the HIV/AIDS.

At SAWA we provide a space for showcasing the possible, for heroes to lead by example, and for you to get involved and start making a difference in your own way.

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