Sawa World Welcomes a New Operational Director in Canada...

Sawa World Welcomes a New Operational Director in Canada

After three years of dedicated volunteer work as the Sawa Leader Program Director, Caitlin Reed will take on the role of the new Operational Director (OD) for Sawa World Canada. Caitlin has worked on everything from developing the Sawa Leader Program to funding proposals. Caitlin says she is eager to take on this new position and has always been inspired by Sawa's innovative approach to solving extreme poverty that is such a departure from traditional international development organizations. “I could not be more excited about this opportunity. It is going to be a crazy ride, but I am very ready for the challenge. I hope to support you all in any way that I can to help accomplish Sawa's HUGE and ever-growing vision.” 

Founder, Daphne Nederhorst will focus on growing Sawa World globally as a spokesperson, visionary and mentor. 

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