Sawa World teams meet in Kampala

Sawa World teams meet in Kampala

The Sawa World Team in Kampala, Uganda is hosting a group of travellers from Canada. Founder Daphne Nederhorst, along with two Sawa World volunteers and one board member will be in Kampala together over the next month.

Impacts and Innovations Coordinator Kristine Gurracho will be working to find different ways to help support the team’s impact tracking and outreach efforts and to help Sawa World Clubs grow.

Communications Coordinator Francesca Fionda will be helping with hands-on camera and editing training. She will work with the Sawa Youth Reporters and help share some of their amazing stories.

Finally, Board Member Eric Stockner will join the team for a few days. As the Director of Merchandising at Best Buy Canada, he helps to secure a corporate donation of cameras and other essential equipment to the Sawa Youth Reporters. He’s excited to see the team in action.

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