Sawa World Solution: Making Lemongrass Tea

Sawa World Solution: Making Lemongrass Tea

Every morning millions of Ugandans wake up and start the day with a hot cup of tea. An avid tea-drinker, Sawa Spark Muyonja Andrew, saw an opportunity to lift himself and his community out of poverty through this simple morning ritual.

Since 2008 Andrew has been teaching his neighbours in Wakiso District how to add value to regular tealeaves by making lemongrass-flavoured tea. The high levels of unemployment among youth in his community inspired him to start this project, and today his students can be seen selling soft-scented lemongrass tea throughout Kampala.

Rita Agaba is a beneficiary of Andrew’s brilliant solution. After learning to make and sell lemongrass tea Rita is able to support herself and buy her own books for school. She admires Andrew’s generous spirit and advises other youth, “Do not underestimate small jobs, but instead ask what someone is benefiting out of it.”

Learn to make your own lemongrass tea by watching the Solution Video.