Sawa World Launches Student Club

Sawa World Launches Student Club

Sawa Youth Reporter, Sheila, speaks to over 800 high school students in Mukono, Uganda.

The launch of Sawa World’s first official student club has found great success in Uganda. Already 200 students have signed up for the group!   

Sawa World Outreach Coordinator Sheila Ampumuza says, “Starting this month, the Club will engage over 800 students with our work and have the youth empower their communities with locally created solutions. The Sawa World Club also wants to spread to all the high schools in Kampala.”

High school students at Mpoma Royal College eagerly listened to the Sawa World team as they presented to over 100 students in June. The two-hour presentation was filled with engaging discussion and questions.  School administrator and club member, Fred said he felt moved by the stories Sawa World shared and was honoured the school was able to host the presentation. 

Mpoma Royal College is about an hour’s drive from the capital Kampala and is the second largest academic institution after St, Lawrence University, to join Sawa World Club.

Members have already elected a group to help lead club and have established the responsibilities and requirements for each member.  Fees will go towards making the club self-sustaining.  The next steps for the group are deciding on an anthem, emblem and mission statement.

And to add to this success, a third Sawa World Club was started at Ugandans biggest University Makerere University in Kampala. Some students saw the Sawa World team on two television broadcasts on Urban TV late last year and got inspired.

Sawa World Program Director, Irene Nduta, is hopeful the Sawa Clubs will continue to expand across Uganda and empower youth to find solutions to ending extreme poverty within their own communities and schools.