Sawa World Facilitates the Sixth Spark Learning Session...

Sawa World Facilitates the Sixth Spark Learning Session

We celebrated our 6th Learning Session with eight Sawa World Sparks (leaders of local solutions) and their friends.  The February 2016 event was led by Spark Kenneth who taught participants a practical income-earning idea of how to make Queen Cakes, a delicious and popular Ugandan snack.

The group also discussed the unique challenges and problems they face in their own entrepreneurial efforts, offering advice and support for one another while exchanging ideas on marketing opportunities. Sawa World staff members also shared marketing and advertising tips. 

The event was a BIG success and each of the Sparks left better prepared and motivated to effect positive change in their communities and in their own pursuits.  While each Spark is already a noteworthy talent and personality, the ideas and results that arise when they get together are truly special.

Check out a fun and short video on Kenneth and his local solution here and be sure to keep posted to Sawa World’s Impact News updates to learn more about the Sparks and for updates on interesting developments!