Sawa World Ambassador Program Launch

Sawa World Ambassador Program Launch

Do you want to help out your community, gain valuable leadership experience, and connect with other passionate youth leaders from around the world? Then our brand new Sawa World Ambassador Program is for you!

Our Ambassadors are volunteer representatives of Sawa World, who spread the word about Sawa World by creating fun and engaging activities to identify and promote locally-created solutions for self-employment and improved livelihoods within their own communities.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to organize community events, help identify community champions (Sparks) and local solutions, and track the impact of our programs.

Our first Sawa World Ambassadors in Uganda have just finished their training and we can't wait to see what great activities they have in store for their communities! Their experiences and activities will also be shared on social media! Don't forget to connect with Sawa World on Facebook and Twitter to watch these journeys unfold.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and ask for the application to become an Ambassador and get a chance to be part of our next free training in Kampala. Best of all, you'll have the full support of the Sawa World team every step of the way.

Not living in Uganda? Don't worry! You can apply for our Global Ambassador Program by emailing us at