Our New Ethical Tea

Our New Ethical Tea

Just in time for the holidays, Sawa World is excited to partner with JusTea, a group pioneering farmer direct tea, to bring you a delicious and ethical chai blend to keep warmth in the air throughout the winter season.


The smooth and silky Limited Edition Sawa World Chai Tea is a whole leaf Kenyan black tea, blended with African spices, rose petals and safflower petals. Each tea is packaged in colourful Ugandan fabric bags, handcrafted by female artists in Uganda, and includes a special thank you from Sawa World and JusTea. Fifty per cent of every sale will go to support Sawa World.


Did you know that while customers line up at their favourite tea shops for a $2.25 cup of their favourite blend, tea farmers in Kenya make less than $2.00 a day from their crops? In fact, the farmer only receives about 1 per cent of what the finished product sells for. 


JusTea is turning this model upside down, partnering with community members and local NGOs to bring back farmer made, hand-processed tea that keeps more of the profits in the hands of local producers. Like Sawa World, JusTea believes that the only way their projects can be scalable and sustainable is to partner directly with local people because they know the local issues best.


"This is a wonderful win-win partnership and a great example how business and non profits can synchronize their visions together to make a lasting impact in the world that fully respects local ideas and leadership in Africa,” said Sawa World founder Daphne Nederhorst.


Purchase two bags of 50g Sawa World Chai for $18.00 at the JusTea store here.