How does Sawa World impact local communities in Uganda?

How does Sawa World impact local communities in Uganda?

The Sawa World Team in Uganda is positively impacting surrounding communities by sharing the Sawa Leaders’ solutions for extreme poverty through video screenings, school presentations, and local media. The following stories illustrate how Sawa World’s unique model is inspiring people in Uganda, and beyond, to replicate locally inspired innovations - solutions from within to end poverty.  

Sawa Spark, Isaac, who provides free music production to talented kids in the slums, was inspired to replicate his program to the rural areas after attending a Sawa Leader meeting. And, after watching a film about Sawa Spark Max’s work with orphaned children, a viewer was inspired to help him build a website to promote his cause. Additionally, Sawa Leader, John Mutamba, who trains impoverished families in sustainable agricultural practices, was featured on Channel 44. As a result, he received16 phone calls from all over Uganda offering support.

Freida’s story also illustrates the importance of outreach in sharing and replicating the Sawa World model. After hearing about Sawa World Leader Olivia’s work on Ugandan radio show, Straight Talk, 18-year-old Freida knew she had finally found her place. Born with a deformed arm, and then tragically burned on her face, chest and arm, by her stepmother, Freida had not led an easy life. Although she had experienced devastating hardship and suffering, she was inspired by Olivia’s work at the Peace and Hope Training Center, and knew she had to get involved.

Freida phoned Olivia three times before finally having the courage to speak. After receiving money for a bus ticket, she packed up her belongings and made the trek on blind faith to the centre. Olivia, who empowers vulnerable young girls and women by training them in vocational skills, welcomed Freida to the Peace & Hope Training Centre. Here, female teens that have been victims of abuse can receive life skills training. Plus, they can earn a living for themselves and their families. Freida excelled under Olivia’s tutelage, learning to knit and use her arm in ways she never thought possible! She is now earning a living and inspiring others who have also felt hopeless.  

Freida was not the only one who found her way to the centre through exposure on Straight Talk. In fact, after the show aired, eight girls contacted Olivia to learn more about her work. The media exposure benefited Olivia as well. Just the day before appearing on Channel 44, she was worried about paying her rent. However, the day after the national television broadcast, she sold 200 bags handmade from recycled material, and was relieved to discover that she now had enough sales to help cover her rent. 

The above examples show how Sawa World’s unique model really works. The stories of our Leaders are being heard, and individuals and communities alike are being inspired to learn and replicate these solutions to make their way out of extreme poverty.

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