Happy 5th Birthday Sawa World!

Happy 5th Birthday Sawa World!

On July 4, Sawa World celebrated its 5th birthday. In honour of the occasion, the Ugandan team enjoyed a colourful chocolate cake and danced the night away at trendy nightclub, Boda Boda. Meanwhile, the Canadian team got their hands dirty while reflecting on Sawa’s successes and learnings from the past five years. They expressed their dreams for the organization’s future by painting two large canvasses, generously donated by Raw Canvas Bar.

In the past year alone, Sawa World has evolved. Now, more than ever the organization is closer to its goal of creating a world free of extreme poverty — a Sawa World! Just last year, Sawa began focusing on Uganda — testing and honing its innovative model with exceptional results! The team reached an estimated 4.8 million people in six months with 26 national broadcasts.

In April, Sawa launched its Support a Sawa Leader Campaign, allowing organizations and individuals to invest directly in growing and replicating a local solution. All funds support local champions (Sawa Leaders) in sharing their practical solutions to extreme poverty with thousands or even millions of people and getting local support to grow their successful models.   

Additionally, Sawa World partnered with strategic academic and media partners in Uganda including St. Lawrence University, Channel 44 Television, Straight Talk Foundation, Urban TV and Youth Link. All partners are working with the organization to share the Sawa Leaders’ solutions to extreme poverty with millions living in the same conditions across Uganda. National media exposure brought attention to the groundbreaking work that Sawa was doing, attracting local support and funding for the Sawa Leaders and replication of their solutions into the communities. Learn how an abused teenage girl in rural Uganda changed her life as a result of hearing a Sawa Leader on the radio.

One of Sawa’s key accomplishments was the creation of the Media Community Outreach Plan by local stakeholders in Uganda. The plan helped the organization assess its goal of reaching millions instantly with local solutions for solving their own poverty related issues. To achieve this it outlined a strategy to reach vulnerable communities through local media partnerships and other tactics.

And for those who wanted to help make a difference, Sawa World opened an online store, allowing anyone to purchase local, handmade crafts and support the work of Sawa World. The proceeds collected from products sold online support the organization’s operations.

All in it has been a groundbreaking year for Sawa World. Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, addressed both teams, congratulating them on their incredible hard work and dedication. At just 5-years-old, Sawa World is 100% confident that the model is working and demonstrating clear and significant impacts.

But what’s in store for the next five years? Sawa World has a very busy and ambitious future ahead. Including plans to expand programs into five new countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Haiti; document 1,500 local and proven solutions to extreme poverty and replicate these to 180,000 impoverished people directly and 90 million people indirectly.

Sawa World thanks you for all of your support over the years! Please join us in wishing Sawa World a very happy 5th birthday!