Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Hires Sawa Youth Reporters

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Hires Sawa Youth Reporters

In February 2012, Sawa Founder, Daphne Nederhorst was one of five leading European entrepreneurs selected by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to discuss the positive changes their unique business models are making in the world. Daphne’s vision for ending extreme poverty made her a winner of the Join Our Core competition, which was launched in partnership with Ashoka — a great opportunity for Sawa World!

In fact, the finalists travelled to Kampala and Fort Portal in Western Uganda,where Ben & Jerry's have a free trade vanilla farm. And over sevendays, Sawa Youth Reporters, Stephen and Emma were hired to document them! In addition, the Sawa World Team did a presentation and the finalists, senior Ben & Jerry team, and other guests including a senior writer from the Guardian, who wrote about Sawa World, were inspired by Sawa World's work and vision; solutions from within.

Stephan who was thrilled about being part of the first large client project for the team, said, “ The interaction with a global group as such, changed my life and opened my eyes to new ideas and future dreams!” 

Nederhorst was also pleased with the success of the partnership. She said, “This is a great first example of our effort to set up an income-generating social enterprise model.”

We want to thank Ben & Jerry’s for their investment into Sawa World.